August 16, 2021 

Re: Public notification on deaccession, to be post on the museum website under Collection.  

USC Pacific Asia Museum collects and care for more than 15,000 objects in its permanent collection, which is largely built through gifts and bequests from many private donors for almost five decades. As the museum reaches its 50th Anniversary in 2021 with new visions and values that help shape the mission of the museum for years to come, we recognize the need to refine and shape the permanent collection in order to fully and effectively serve our mission.  

Deaccession is a necessary and important tool for the museum to refine and shape its collection when objects in the collection no longer fit the museum’s mission, or are fake, redundant, inferior quality or damaged beyond repair, etc. Deaccession is also a standard museum practice in the museum’s regular activities in collection management. It gives us an opportunity to refine the collection to better serve the public, to provide better storage care and resource for the existing collection, and to stay consistent with our mission in the exhibitions and programs we present.

The following objects were identified as candidates for deaccession by the collections and curatorial staff, and the proposals for deaccession were presented to the Collection Advisory Committee and the Director of USC Pacific Asia Museum for careful review and consideration. The museum adheres to and follows the deaccession principles, procedures and processes listed in the deaccession policy for every approved deaccession.

We would like to assure you that thoughtful steps were taken, and standard museum procedures were followed in the process.

The deaccessioned object will be donated to other museums, libraries, educational and non-profit institutions, or to an auction house for public sale. Any proceeds generated from the sale of deaccessioned object will only be used to increase or enhance the museum’s permanent collection with new acquisitions or to improve the preservation, conservation and collection care of the existing collection. The credit of new acquisitions purchased with the proceeds from the deaccessioned objects will be given under in the names of the donors of the deaccessioned objects, as a continuing recognition of their generosity and support to the museum.


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