Current Exhibitions

Divine Immersion: The Experiential Art of Nick Dong
July 8, 2021 – October 3, 2021

We as a human population just experienced an overwhelming amount of disorder and confusion. It’s inside us. It’s in our past. It weighs heavy in our present. It’s in the unknowable future. To help us lay our burden down, artist Nick Dong extends an invitation to visitors ripe for this moment: Bring all of your chaos to this exhibition. His artwork will meet you in the middle with ordering principles. What you will create together will be both beautiful and hopeful.

Taiwanese-American and Oakland CA-based artist Nick Dong (b. 1973) identifies as a 21st-century continuation of Wen-ren, the Chinese cultural lineage of intellect-scholars. Each work is a quest of self-evolution, a vehicle for sharing philosophy. By carefully integrating scientific and handcrafted components, supernatural movements, light, sound, and interactive strategies, Dong’s artworks produce a fully immersive event, only complete when the viewer activates it with their energy. Dong formulates his work to be incomplete without the viewer for good reason: To ignite an encounter that opens up new perspectives about each other and the world, illuminates the beauty in our broken places thus creating space for hope and healing.

Converging his training as an artist and engineer with thousands of years of Buddhist tradition, 21st century technology and all the chaos we can muster; Dong’s work nourishes the transformative potential of this moment — toward human wholeness, imperfections encouraged and included.

Welcome to Divine Immersion: The Experiential Art of Nick Dong.


Workshop@PAM – Mended Together: Reimagining Personal Jewelry

Join Barnsdall Arts educator, Quan Trang, in creating unique art to wear inspired by artist Nick Dong’s Mendsmith Project. Learn to connect items, such as old brooches, broken earrings, beads, or small objects, using wire manipulation techniques. This is an intergenerational workshop open to all skill levels. Recommended for ages 8+ with adult supervision. Supply kit included with purchase.

This workshop is inspired by the Mendsmith Project, which is part of Divine Immersion: The Experiential Art of Nick Dong.

Access to Divine Immersion: A Meditative Journey for People with Disabilities with Mushim Patricia Ikeda

A one-hour online, interactive mindfulness meditation experience for people with disabilities. Images, videos, and music from Divine Immersion: The Experiential Art of Nick Dong, which is at the USC Pacific Asia Museum from July 8 to October 3 for those who can attend in person. The museum is deepening its commitment to accessibility through this online experience and other workshops and classes.

There Is Another World”: Creative Writing in Response to Divine Immersion: The Experiential Art of Nick Dong with Mushim Patricia Ikeda

This is a fun creative writing class, open to all, including Deaf and Blind participants.

Join us for brief, guided journaling exercises in response to meditative video clips and music from the USC Pacific Asia Museum’s exhibition Divine Immersion: The Experiential Art of Nick Dong. No previous writing experience is required.

USC PAM is pleased to present an exhibition of Ai Weiwei’s MASK project July 8 through September 12. Twenty designs will be on view in the annex gallery, including: “Mask with Middle Finger,” “Sunflower Seeds,” a surveillance camera, handcuffs, and creatures from ancient Chinese mythology. Each was silk screened by hand onto non-surgical cloth face masks.

Consistent with Ai’s ongoing focus on human rights and the plight of refugees, all proceeds from the project supported COVID-19 humanitarian emergency efforts led by Human Rights Watch, Refugees International, and Doctors Without Borders.

This exhibition is made possible by the generosity of Mr. Charles T. Townley.