Upcoming Exhibitions


December 28, 2019 – April 22, 2020

About the Exhibition / The immersive art of Dreams of a Sleeping World: Oscar Oiwa asks visitors a poignant question indicative of this historical moment: What do we do when we are paralyzed by the chaos of our times? Oiwa is concerned that when the noise of our everyday world impedes our radiant minds, we shut down. In this gravitational pull of “sleep” we look to our dreams to reset, searching our subconscious for nourishment and hoping for wisdom to better face the dysfunction of our world. To that end, Oiwa invites visitors to enter his 360° dreamscape to transform the clenched fist of our hearts into open hands. Scheduled to debut at the USC Pacific Asia Museum on December 28, 2019, this exhibition features an installation of a new immersive space, created specific for USC PAM, and large-scale artworks for which Oiwa is renown.

Immersive Dreamscape Dome and Exhibited Artworks / The public will be invited to enter into and become part of this new Oiwa Dreamscape. Installed at the USC Pacific Asia Museum, the inflatable artwork requires 2 weeks of work and 120 sharpie markers, as Oiwa draws alongside his artisan assistant and four MFA students from USC. Complimenting this immersive experience is a dynamic installation of Oiwa’s large scale paintings shedding light on his surrealist and imaginative dreamscapes.

Bio / Oscar Oiwa was born and raised in São Paulo (Brazil), the son of Japanese immigrants. After graduating from São Paulo University’s School of Architecture and Urbanism in 1989, Oiwa relocated first to Tokyo and then to New York City. Now an American citizen, Oiwa lives and works out of his studio in New York. Oiwa was influenced by comics, art, and magazines from an early age. He is known for his giant canvases and large frescoes. His work can be found in important collections and is exhibited around the world. Over 60 international solo exhibitions have been dedicated to his work since 1990, including at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo and Museu Nacional de Belas Artes in Rio de Janeiro. His most recent exhibitions have been installed in Brussels and at the House of Culture of Japan in Paris.