Upcoming Exhibitions

Crossroads: Exploring the Silk Road

Opens October 22, 2021

Join us in exploring the historic Silk Road in this newly renovated, interactive permanent gallery. Presented as a journey through Dunhuang, an ancient oasis connecting peoples and cultures, along the southern Silk Road route, this gallery engages an intergenerational audience through play and discovery. The sights and sounds of the ancient city come to life through stories and music, dress up, tactile objects, an interactive discovery map, and highlights from the museum’s collection. With enhanced accessibility and innovative design features, Crossroads aims to inspire curiosity, build empathy and catalyze connection by immersing visitors in the stories of intercultural exchange along the Silk Road.


Intervention: Fresh Perspectives after 50 Years

November 12, 2021 – February 6, 2022

As USC PAM celebrates our 50th anniversary, we look to the future by asking questions and reflecting on our past as it is embodied in the museum’s collection and display of Asian and Pacific Island art. For whom was this collection created and how does its meaning change when seen through the eyes of our diverse communities? Intervention: Fresh Perspectives after 50 Years finds new ways to view the USC PAM permanent collection through the work of seven contemporary Asian diasporic artists: Antonius Bui, Audrey Chan, Jennifer Ling Datchuk, Amir Fallah, Akiko Jackson, Alan Nakagawa, and kate-hers RHEE. By creating original artworks in response to PAM’s collection, these artists will remind visitors that USC PAM’s history is complex, and our public has many ways to consider this story beyond how it is presented in our galleries, website, and printed materials.