An integral part of the University of Southern California, the USC Pacific Asia Museum creates inspiring encounters with the art, history and culture of Pacific Asia to promote intercultural understanding in the service of elevating our shared sense of humanity.


USC PAM is a dynamic and innovative teaching and learning resource for USC and its surrounding communities featuring;

  • Exhibitions that contest worn assumptions, bridge perspectives and expand understanding
  • Educational opportunities that connect cultures, disciplines and generations
  • Programs that engage our common life, even in the absence of common ground


At USC PAM we believe in the power of art to connect us to our deepest humanity and that of others. 

As such, we:

  • Support the Mission and Vision of USC.
  • Enlist art to expand understanding and bridge divides.
  • Collect and exhibit exemplary works that amplify artist voices and lift up community narratives.
  • Steward the objects entrusted to our care for the benefit of successive generations.
  • Use our resources to inspire a plurality of audiences.
  • Foster a sense of community both on and off campus.
  • Explore and validate diversity.
  • Promote civil and civic discourse.
  • Secure long-term sustainability.
  • Manage resources prudently.