Mission & Vision


All of the work that we do at the USC Pacific Asia Museum is to deepen the work of our mission:

  • To create inspiring encounters with the art, history and culture of Pacific Asia that promotes intercultural understanding in the service of elevating our shared sense of humanity.


In 2020 we are stepping into our new vision at USC PAM:

  • We envision USC PAM as a place where all are welcome. We serve as a sanctuary for our USC students and the public alike, where we champion the power of inclusion and belonging, providing not just a safe space but a brave space for transformative histories and art to expand our empathetic reach.
  • We envision USC PAM as a place where our visitors can attend world class public programs and access the best educational opportunities that get at teaching around Pacific Asia three-dimensionally, tracing its shape in the thick of human experience, knowledge, and passion.
  • We envision USC PAM as a place where we celebrate the past but also summon the courage to envision a new future, where visitors can see cutting edge and dynamic contemporary art exhibitions that launch artists and satiate the hunger among our pacific Asian community for more representation in the contemporary art world and in our public discourse.