Stronger than Hate


Stronger than Hate: Resources and Solutions at USC recording of the May 1, 2020 webinar.

The recent rise of violent hate crimes against individuals of Asian and now Jewish heritages across the country, illuminates the dangers of racializing COVID-19 into a virus of hate. Stronger than Hate: Resources and Solutions at USC is a program developed to help us summon the social courage to confront this rise in hate collectively. 

This webinar will undoubtedly shed unsavory light on how we can be to each other in this moment. Demonstrating a robust capacity to tell the truth about what is really going on, however, reveals who we can be to each other at this moment. As a unified USC community who marshals our resources together to support our most vulnerable, we are stronger than hate. 

Confronting hate means creating spaces where our community can feel physically safe and where human connection can help us transcend the trauma inflicted by hate. The hope is that this program will begin to nourish the transformative potential of this moment toward further strengthening and empowering our community. Please join us in conversation May 1st, 2020 from 2:00 – 3:30 pm.


  • USC Pacific Asia Museum: Bethany Montagano, PhD
  • USC Office of Wellbeing and Education, Office of the Provost: Quade Yoo Song French, PhD
  • USC Campus Wellbeing and Crisis Intervention: Patrick Prince, Associate Vice Provost of Threat Assessment and Management
  • USC Price: Erroll Southers, DPPD, Director of the Safe Communities
  • USC Department of Public Safety: Josh Voyda, Intelligence and Threat Manager
  • USC Shoah Foundation: Stephen Smith, PhD, Executive Director
  • USC TIX/OED:  Kegan Allee-Moawad, Assistant Director
  • USC Center for Work and Family Life: Linda Snouffer, Director

USC RESOURCES (Click links below for resources from the webinar)