Curatorial Internship

The Getty Foundation 2017 Multicultural Undergraduate Internship Program at USC PAM

Program Description
The Getty Multicultural Undergraduate Internship program aims to increase diversity in and provide support for Los Angeles-area museums and visual arts organizations. The program is intended specifically for outstanding students who are members of groups currently underrepresented in careers related to museums and the visual arts.

Curatorial Internship
The Getty Curatorial Intern will function as an integral member of the curatorial team. He/she will assist the day-to-day activities of the department, preparing for major exhibitions, researching the collection, and attending departmental and museum meetings.

The intern will participate in two major projects related to the museum’s current temporary closure to complete a seismic retrofitting that 1) required relocation of its collections to a temporary, offsite storage location; and 2) allowed the museum to commence the first comprehensive survey of its Japanese and Chinese collections. In preparation for the museum’s 2017 reopening, the intern will assist the return of the museum’s collection to its upgraded storage facility and the reinstallation of the museum’s permanent exhibition galleries and exhibition items. The intern will work closely with the museum’s staff and expert consultants who are facilitating the collection survey, the intern will maintain detailed documents that record the consultants’ assessments of collection items and enter the information into the collections database. The intern will also be conducting object research, written labels for selected objects, and other tasks involved with gallery installation and exhibition. The intern will respond to public inquiries about objects, donations, and research.

The internship is a full-time (40 hours/week) position with a total salary of $5,000 for a consecutive ten-week work period beginning no sooner than June 5, 2017 and ending no later than August 25, 2017.

Student must:
– Be of a group underrepresented in museums and visual arts organizations, including, but not limited to, individuals of African American, Asian, Latino/Hispanic, Native American, or Pacific Islander descent;
– Be currently enrolled undergraduates. Students must have completed at least one semester of college by June 2017. Students graduating in May or June 2017 are also eligible. (Students who are enrolled in a second BA or BS program are not eligible.)
– Reside or attend college in Los Angeles County; and
– Be a United States citizen or permanent resident.

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