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Conversation@PAM: Asian Art Museums for Asians - Collections and Cultural Ownership

USC Pacific Asia Museum


Free | RSVP Required

Museums are reckoning with the histories of conquest and lineage of colonization that their collections often represent. This has been especially true of museums of Asian Art in the United States, which have been nearly-exclusively founded by Euro-American collectors for the benefit of Euro-American audiences. 

As USC PAM approaches its 50th anniversary, the museum is making a gesture of equanimity by inviting contemporary Asian American artists to create new work for its galleries that responds to the unspoken histories that collection items carry. Asian American arts and culture workers can be the bridge to reconciliation between Asian art collections and Asian audiences, but while artists of color are increasingly embraced by museums, the racial makeup of curatorial and leadership teams remains monochromatic. 

Curators and museum professionals Sonia Mak and Anuradha Vikram will discuss what still needs to change and how museums like USC PAM can shift their values to empower Asian American communities in the 21st century.


Cost: FREE