50 Years of PAM

Contribute to Our 50 Years of PAM Story Collection

Thank you for being part of USC Pacific Asia Museum’s history. To mark our 50th anniversary, we are creating a story collection with creative collective Narrated Objects. We invite museum supporters and friends who have walked through our doors or visited our collections online to share their museum stories with us to preserve for generations to come.


We welcome your stories from June 1 through September 30, 2021, for consideration in our story collection. USC PAM reserves the right to edit stories to make them suitable for sharing.


Every person experiences our museum differently and we want to hear about your experience! Here are some questions to reflect on:

What does the museum mean to you? Do you remember your first visit to the USC Pacific Asia Museum? Was there an exhibit that you’ll never forget, or a particular artwork in the collection that speaks to you? What do you love most about the museum? Have you attended one of our workshops and want to share what you made? Did you volunteer at our museum in the past and want to share your favorite memory? Is there someone in your family or community with whom you’ve shared the museum with or who has a relationship with the museum that led you here?



Share your story via Google Form 

Share via voicemail message by calling: 626-657-0082

Share via mail! Museum members receive a special postcard for sharing stories. Not a member? Stop by the museum and pick one up onsite!


Story Submission with Photos

It’s easy to submit your story via our Google Form! Here’s a story excerpt from one of our Teen Ambassadors:

Growing up in Pasadena, I’ve been going to the Pacific Asia Museum for over a decade. My dad would take me and my brother to museums all over LA, but the Pacific Asia Museum was special because they had koi fish and burned incense in their gift shop. I felt like I was in my own little Japan—a home my dad, my brother, and I had never been to. I would imagine battling pink robots in the museum courtyard and slinking away from assassins by blending in with the other museumgoers. At the time, the museum was an extension of my inner world. It was a place where my four-year-old self felt galactic and expansive. I could explore new cultures and reclaim the parts of myself and my culture that had been taken away from me and my family by internment/ incarceration, without even realizing it. 

Going back to the museum years later as a Teen Ambassador, I found myself connecting to those parts of myself and my community again. I was now not alone or in my own world anymore, but I felt grounded in the love and curiosity for my fellow ambassadors—my community…. 

—Ella, 2021 Teen Ambassador

Go to “50 Years of PAM” Google Form!

Postcard Submission

If you prefer putting pen to paper and getting creative with your museum memory, stop by the museum and decorate a postcard on-site. Or, if you’re a member, request a postcard to be mailed to you and write or type up your entry. Here are postcards submitted by Tatiana Owen and Mei-Lee Ney!


Sample Phone Message

We’d love to receive your memories via voicemail at (626) 657-0082. It’s easy to leave a message with your museum story!

Past visitor and performer Norwood Cheek shared his memorable visit to the museum in 2016! Read the transcribed message below and listen to his phone message.

Norwood’s phone message

I have a great memory of the Women Warriors book event a number of years ago at the museum. It was really fun and I I got to perform a song called “Fiery Joan,” there. It was a great experience, and I love how the museum is a place that that kids and people of all ages can come to and enjoy.” 

—Norwood Cheek, musician 


We look forward to reading and hearing your stories and considering them for our 50 Years of PAM Story Collection. Submissions are reviewed on a bimonthly basis by our team, and we will notify you within 3 weeks if your submission has been successfully added to the collection or if we have any additional requests.

Our 50 Years of PAM Story Collection will debut on our website this fall.


To help craft your story, authors Teena Apeles and Andrea Richards of Narrated Objects have developed a worksheet of storytelling exercises to do in the comfort of your home at your computer or during your museum visit with a notebook and pen in hand! Try out their writing exercises that utilize all your senses and follow their editing tips before you submit your story. Download the worksheet here.