Upcoming Exhibitions

China Trade: Global Market & Chinese Ceramics

March 2 through August 6, 2017
Location: Doheny Library, University Park Campus, University of Southern California

Pottery was long valued in Asia and elsewhere for its utility and relative affordability, and early on the Chinese developed a heightened sense of aesthetic appreciation for ceramics. With their sheer production, technical innovation, artistic refinement, and aesthetic diversity, Chinese ceramics made a global impact. This exhibition of more than thirty ceramics drawn from the USC Pacific Asia Museum collection introduces how healthy domestic and international trade along sea and land routes inspired countless exchanges between patrons, artists, and artisans within the mainland and neighboring countries. The exhibition features works from the Song dynasty (960–1129) through the late 19th-century, and reveals how China’s artisans created works for foreign markets, as well as how other countries impacted the production of ceramics in China.